The college provides excellent support and guidance which enhances students’ personal development. It is highly successful in its aim to develop self-knowledge and self-esteem.
isi inspection 2012


Todd Dedman Head of Sixth Form Dr Todd Dedman teaches Media and Film Studies and is Senior Personal Tutor. His PhD was an empirical study of youth subcultures in relation to hip-hop and grime. Todd has completed the London Marathon three times, as well as over 20 half marathons in a running career that also saw county representation in Cross Country. Todd’s favourite film is Capra’s ‘It’s A Wonderful Life,” favourite book Karl Marx’s ‘Das Kapital’ and favourite album “Loveless” by My Bloody Valentine. Todd says: ” Todd says: “My PhD has informed and developed my teaching in recent years in the areas of subculture in Sociology and audience identification and cultural competence in Media Studies.”

A team of RIC’s most experienced, long serving and senior teachers support the Principals as Personal Tutors in the Sixth Form and Heads of Year across the Lower School. The senior team liase closely between home, subject teachers and students, ensuring everyone studying at the College is supported, encouraged and on track for the grades they need. In the sixth form the tutors play an important role in preparing UCAS applications.

The first member of staff students and parents often speak to is Maeva Elliott who acts as the College’s Admissions Officer and Assistant Head of Boarding. Maeva says: “Coming for interview at RIC isn’t a daunting experience but a friendly and purposeful one that offers sound educational advice. We don’t have formal open days but encourage prospective students and their parents to either come on one of our ‘Bitesize’ Year 7 Taster Days or visit us on a normal day where they can get a real feel for the atmosphere.”

Dr Rachel Woolley is Senior UCAS Advisor in the sixth form. Rachel’s PhD was in the work of Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein. She is an Assistant Principal A level English Literature examiner for one of the main exam boards and spent two years as an executive administrator in the medical school at Birmingham University. She is highly experienced in helping students prepare successful university applications for the most competitive courses. Rachel says: “Rochester Independent College has always been a centre of excellence for Science teaching and it is exciting to be able to work with such dedicated sixth form students aiming to become doctors, vets, pharmacists and dentists.”

The College Bursar is Helen Harlow. Helen also coordinates the College’s housekeeping, catering and maintenance teams. The Finance office is the first point of contact for parents on all matters relating to student fees.


Long serving Graphic Design teacher and Joint Head of Art Kelly Flatman is Head of the Lower School. Kelly says: “My vision for the Lower School has been to take a holistic approach to the delivery of a diverse curriculum underpinned by a breadth of creative subjects. This promotes emotional intelligence and independent decision making and enables students to become disciplined, confident and able to accept criticism. Timetabled lessons are complemented by a range of extra curricular activities, specialist theme weeks, trips and events. While academic progress is essential and carefully monitored we work with our students on an individual level providing them with a comfortable, caring and fun environment in which they can thrive.

I am a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. My main passion is typography in design and I love to explore ideas for my own work in a variety of media such as textile design and photography as well as traditional and contemporary methods of GD production. My work encompasses the concept of order and balance, with an emphasis of the aesthetic value of the colour, form and texture of simple everyday objects and structures – a most recent project being based on the shapes and patterns found in road drains and manhole covers in London!

I love to cook and bake; I have an obsession with Italy and interior design and I am forever on the hunt for antique furniture bargains! Though two young and energetic children like to keep me on my toes I continue to be a keen netballer, having previously played at county and UK Premier League level.”

Working alongside Kelly in the Lower School is Leighton Bright.  Leighton joined RIC as the College SENCO in August 2015 having previously worked in a number of schools in the Medway area; this followed a career in Financial Services. Having graduated from Reading University in 2000 with a degree in English Language and Literature, Leighton has in recent years secured both the National Award for SEN Co-ordination along with a Post-Graduate Diploma in Specific Literacy Difficulties from Canterbury Christchurch University. He is currently completing his MA in Enabling Learning and Institutional Development.


Mat Sillet, Head of Year 11, graduated from the University of Kent in 2007 where he studied Film. After living and working in Thailand he gained an interest in Asian Literature and storytelling. He began his PhD research in 2013 and its current title is: “Folklore and New Media Communications: An exploration of Journey to the West, its modern orality and traditional storytelling in contemporary online spaces.” Mat says: “The research is predominantly textual, looking at the creation of ‘legend’ from 7th century Chinese historical accounts into oral storytelling and then vernacular Chinese fiction. I investigate the nature of storytelling and how modern forms of communication (youtube, mobile apps etc) are a reflection of the oral tradition. The research has informed the way in which I teach media as a form of communication – especially in terms of the effects of modern communications. It has also helped me reconsider the ways in which our students learn beyond traditional methods”

Personal sixth-form tutors are highly effective and play a key role in maximising students’ development
isi inspection  2012


Robin Macintosh, Joint Head of Art and Ian Pay are both sixth form tutors. Ian attended Chatham Grammar School for Boys and graduated from Lancaster University with a First Class degree. His Masters is in Contemporary British History. He teaches Politics and History across the College.


Head of Film and Media Lisa Herron, Head of Science Katharine Lang and Head of Philosophy and Religious Studies Tom McGuffog complete the sixth form tutoring team.


Jackie Clark, Director of Visual Arts and Head of Marketing, joined RIC in 1991 and is responsible for overseeing the development of the Art department and managing links with local arts organisations. Jackie is a ceramicist who graduated from Cardiff in 1989 with a first class honours degree. Jackie also oversees RIC’s marketing, responsible for developing the College’s branding and designing promotional material including this website.

tom parsons, class of 2011: “Thank you so much for all you’ve done for Tom, giving him the opportunity to realise his potential. He is now looking forward to studying for an MEng in Computer Science at Imperial College- two years ago I’d never have thought this was possible. The ethos at RIC was ideal for Tom and allowed him to be himself- he has so grown in confidence it’s a joy to see. All the teachers have been brilliant, and the students have been fantastic too. His personal tutor, Todd, pitched it absolutely right so he settled in well. He also gave me lots of support! Thank you to all at RIC for a school that doesn’t conform to the traditional structure but embraces young people whoever they are and makes them feel happier in themselves.”   petra parsons

staff list 2015-16

Pauline Bailey MA Canterbury Christ Church EFL, Management, Head of Boarding
Alistair Brownlow MA Hons St Andrews MPhil Glasgow English
Brian Pain BSc Hons Durham PGDip Mathematics, Statistics
mathematics and statistics
Michael Bishop BSc Cardiff PGCE Maths, Business Studies
Danny Cheung MSc City Mathematics
Geraldine Ford Cert Ed London BA Hons Open Maths
Eytan Melamud BSc Hons Imperial DipArc ARB PGCE Maths
Dave Tittensor BSc Hons Durham Dip App Maths Queen Mary PGCE Maths
english language and literature
Leighton Bright BA Hons Reading English, College SENCO
Sue Cooper MSc London EFL, UCAS Advisor
Jacob Forder BA Hons Wales PGCE English, Drama
Susan Goodsell English
Helen Miseur BA Hons MA Birkbeck CELTA EFL Boarding Coordinator
Gemma Sanchez BA Hons PGCE KCL English
David Thornthwaite BA Hons Warwick MA UKC English Head of English
Rachel Woolley BA Hons MA PhD English UCAS Advisor
Janet Cargill BSc Hons MSc London PGCE Biology
Julian Cass Chemistry BSc Cambridge MSc UEA PGCE Chemistry
Alexander Coppelman BSc Hons Bangor PGCE Biology/Chemistry/Physics
Paul Dutton BSc Hons Imperial ARCS PGCE Physics
Brenda Harrison BSc Hons PhD Wales PGCE Biology
Sophie Hilton PhD Kingston Chemistry
Richard Knight BSc Hons Hull Biology/Chemistry/Physics
Katharine Lang BSc Hons Exeter PGCE Biology Head of Science, Sixth Form Tutor
Thomas Whaley BA Hons PGCE Exeter Sport Science Boarding Supervisor
Oxana Zushinskaya BSc St Petersburg PGCE Canterbury Christ Church Physics
social sciences and humanities
Chris Barradell BSc Hons Open Geography
Richard Blood BSc Hons York PGCE Geography, World Development
Dominic Corfield BA Hons MA Sheffield History, Politics
Alistair Donaldson BA Hons PhD UKC Classics
Pooja Gangaramani BSc Surrey MA City Sociology, Psychology
Anthony Gilliland BSc Hons LSE, PhD Universitat Pompeu Fabra PGCE History, Politics
Richard Howarth BSoc.Sci Birmingham PGCE Economics, Business Studies
Tom McGuffog BA Hons MA UKC Philosophy, Religious Studies
Jim Mumford BA Hons UKC PGCE Economics, Exams Officer
Ian Pay BA Hons MA Lancaster History, Politics, Sixth Form Tutor
Kamilla Pawlikowska BA Hons MA PhD UKC Sociology, Psychology
Donna Phillips BA Hons Sheffield MPhil Cambridge Sociology, Psychology
Tim Strahlendorf BA Hons UCL, MSc LSE Geography, World Development
Nadine Whaymand BA Hons APU PGCE Canterbury Christ Church Geography
modern languages
Nadia Bouacaz BA Hons UKC French
Carmen Torres Delgado BSc Valladolid Spanish
Aurelie Hubert BA Paris, PGCE St Martin’s French
Tony Smith BA Hons St Martins PGCE German Head of MFL
creative and visual arts
Joseph Becci BA Hons UCA Graphic Design, Photography
Todd Dedman BA Hons PhD PGCE Canterbury Christ Church Film, Head of Sixth Form
Kelly Flatman BA Hons UCE Graphic Design, Joint Head of Art, Head of Year 7-10
Nicki Komorowski BA Hons Reading, PGCE Media, Film
Robin MacIntosh BA Hons Plymouth PGCE Joint Head of Art, Sixth Form Tutor
Lisa Herron BA Hons Middlesex MA UEA Head of Film and Media, Sixth Form Tutor
Jennifer Horton BA Hons Ulster MA Brighton PGCE Textiles
Alex James BA Hons Leeds MA Goldsmiths PGCE Head of Music
Dominic Klimowski BA Hons Kingston Photography
Carmel Park BA Hons MA KIAD PGCE Art
Deborah Postgate BA Hons UKC PGCE Aberdeen Drama
Michael Phillips –Godfrey BA Hons Greenwich, PGCE Roehampton Music
Peter Quirke BA Hons Salford, Dip Ed Graphics, ICT, Media
Mat Sillett BA Hons UKC Film, Media, English, Head of Year 11
administrative staff
Ammy Bjerkan RGN College Nurse
Meg Chapman Administrator
Jackie Clark BA Hons Cardiff Director of Visual Arts and Marketing
Caroline Dutton Administrator
Maeva Elliott BA Hons Reading Assistant Head of Boarding, Admissions, Sixth Form Tutor
Sharon Esdale Finance Administrator
Chloe Gaffney-Shimmon Administrator
Helen Harlow Bursar
Vanessa Jones Administrator
Manjit Sanghera Examinations Officer
ancillary staff
Tracy Bailey-Lawrence Minibus Supervisor
Rashmon Bains Housekeeper
John Bosher Minibus Driver
Julie Brooks Boarding Assistant
Paula Butler Cook
Karen Black Catering Assistant
Dallas Clews Catering Assistant
Laura East Boarding Assistant
Rose Gibson Catering Team Supervisor
Val Gowman Housekeeper
Tracy Griggs Cook
Michelle Jordan Housekeeper
Julie King Housekeeper
Tamanna Miah Catering Assistant
Sonia Mlynarova Housekeeping Supervisor
Sarah Nash Cook
Zanna Negordova Housekeeper
Bryony Phillips Housekeeper
Ian Savage Maintenance
Anne Marie Smith Cook
Rebecca Smith BA Hons UCA Boarding Assistant
Mohinder Sohal Catering Assistant
Colin Spratt Carpenter
Susan Terry Housekeeper
Dawn Willard Cook
Elena Zurru Housekeeper

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