one year a levelsA Level Physics: Intensive One Year Courses

Did you know that A-levels can be taken and passed with a really good grade in just one year? With the new changes coming in and Government publicity announcing a return to the ‘traditional’ model of A-level as being a two year course with make or break exams at the end, students could be forgiven for feeling apprehensive about joining a sixth-form to study Physics. No more modules. No more coursework. No more ISA’s. No more retake opportunities in January if things go wrong. But at RIC we view these changes as opportunities for our students and ones we can help them make the most of.

We specialize in guiding candidates to success in one year and these candidates could either be starting from scratch or joining us because things aren’t going well in their present school. How do we do it? One of the most common problems raised by students who come to us is that they are not being taught by Physics specialists in their current sixth-form. Some of the horror stories may be familiar to you such as one student who told us he asked his teacher questions but was invariably met with the answer ‘I’m a Biologist really so I’ll ask Mr… who is a Physicist and I’ll get back to you later’. Another student told us he felt lost in his A-level class of 20 while another said that her teacher didn’t seem confident going through past exam papers. At RIC you are taught by Physics specialists from day one. No-one is allowed to feel lost in our small classes and everybody receives individual attention extending to catch-up lessons, after hours seminars and holiday revision sessions as and when required.

How can students achieve success in one year? You have to bring something to the party: Commitment. In return we offer a course with the flab removed. Have you ever been given a Physics textbook and thought it would make a useful doorstop? It will be full of well-intentioned information but most of it will never come up in your exam. At RIC we have the expertise to put together a course which distills A-level Physics down to the essentials and ensures that everything you learn is completely relevant to your syllabus.

And why do we think the changes to the structure of A-level offers still more benefits to our students? The distraction of January exams has been removed meaning we can teach through and still finish with plenty of time to revise and complete all of the past papers. Our programme of regular testing under exam conditions ensures you know exactly how you are performing on a weekly basis. And our generous allocation of lesson time ensures that the one year course is not rushed but is paced to match students expectations of reasonable workload.

A-level Physics in one year, either from scratch or from a background which is not working at present, is often seen as daunting. With proper planning and management it is achievable for students coming from all types of previous experience. If you are interested in this opportunity, please get in touch.

Paul Dutton BSc Imperial PGCE, Head of Physics, Rochester Independent College

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