new year 7 scholarships 

Rochester Independent College is pleased to announce that it has four 100% tuition fee scholarships to award for year 7-11. These are generously supported by our newly established Educational Trust. They will be awarded to those pupils likely to make a contribution to the life of the school and who show outstanding potential.

Each scholarship is worth at least £65,000 over the 5 years for which they are valid.

who can apply?

Applications are welcomed initially from those who would like to join the school at Year 7 in September 2014. September 2015 scholarships will be open for applications from October 2014.

academic scholarships

Applications for academic scholarships should be made directly to the Principals.

The award of any full or part fees scholarship commits the student to participating fully in College life. Awards are conditional on high standards of attendance, diligence and behaviour and rely on both the student’s and parent’s commitment to study and to the published aims of the College.

Awards will not usually include residential fees remission, are formally reviewed annually and are subject to being revoked if the student’s commitment or behaviour falls below what can reasonably be expected by the College.

art and design scholarships

Art and design scholarships are offered following the presentation of a portfolio, a drawing test and an interview.

Students may have  talent in any of the following areas: fine art, graphic design, photography or 3D design.

The portfolio should show evidence of sketch books/work books, finished pieces and work in progress. Both 2D and 3D work (where relevant) should be submitted.

The test will be one and a half hours long or selection may also be based on a College set project. The interview will include questions on recent exhibitions visited and knowledge of Art History.

The award of the scholarship commits the student to participating in producing work for the school and in assisting with workshops and clubs run by the department. Art and Design scholarship students will also be asked to donate a piece of their work to the College at the end of the course. Students with A level scholarships will be expected to pursue the subject to A2 Level.


Bursaries are means tested and lead to fees remission of up to 75%. They are awarded following completion of a financial circumstances form.

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