“I’ll just take this opportunity to say thank you for welcoming my son into this fantastic school. It’s little things that make it enjoyable for him to be so involved. He now thoroughly enjoys attending school on the whole. As a person, his confidence has soared since he started at RIC and has made all our lives at home in general so much happier.”
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RIC students in Year 10 begin a very distinctive two year GCSE programme, the first year of which retains a great deal of flexibility. Students may opt to take a variety of subjects as either one or two year courses. Where it is in their interests to do so, students can pursue conventional two year programmes in all of their GCSE subjects. All options are discussed extensively with students and parents before any particular course is commenced.

The chosen course is under constant review and both students and parents are offered a great deal of advice and support to help make the most appropriate subject and course combination. Form Tutors play a crucial role in helping students to make the best use of the choices available. If a school is stimulating students properly their interests often change over time and our timetabling and teaching is flexible enough to accommodate this.

English, Mathematics and Science are compulsory. Students will be guided and advised during the admissions process as to the most appropriate combination and number of subjects to take – anything from 5 to 12 is possible depending on individual circumstances. With the exception of Modern Foreign Languages any subject can be taken as a one year course from scratch without the requirement for the student to have studied it previously. New subjects can be picked up in Year 11 that were not chosen at the start of Year 10.

The College offers students a very different experience from traditional independent schools. Jake Rutherford came to RIC from King’s School Rochester and says: “I was fed up, particularly about being constantly harassed about wearing the right kind of uniform! I’m much happier and can work better in a more informal environment. I’m looking forward to starting AS Music Technology alongside my GCSEs next year.” Jake was joined in Year 10 by Brogan Cordingley from Sutton Valence School and Bobby Dhadwal from Gad’s Hill School. Bobby says: “When you actually respect your teachers school is much easier. There’s nothing here to rebel against meaning you can just get down to work.” Brogan adds:” It’s more like a big family than a school. Everyone gets on and supports each other. The teachers allow you to have fun at the same time as making sure all the work is done. I can’t imagine studying anywhere else.”

“The subject I enjoy most is probably Maths because my confidence has really grown. I prefer the way they teach here – they don’t just teach the class in general, they focus on me as an individual. I think that this is helping me to realise my potential.”
elliot, year 10 student, joined ric from tunbridge wells grammar school for boys
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