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  ‘We decided to book our son in for residential GCSE revision courses at RIC. His main problem was lack of confidence. His teachers at school said he was definitely bright enough to pass but it all seemed to go wrong once he was under exam conditions.  The week at RIC changed everything. It was really hard work but he made massive progress. In maths the teacher quickly discovered where the problems were and worked through them on a one to one basis. George was then given lots and lots of practice. Each time his confidence grew as they went through the papers together, ensuring that each mistake was corrected and fully understood.  He went from an E to a B in French (mock grade and final grade) and a D to a B in Maths. We were absolutely delighted and would recommend Easter revision courses at RIC to everyone.’
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Rochester Independent College was one of the early pioneers of intensive Easter Revsion courses, now an established feature of the educational landscape. We have been offering these short, exam focussed courses for thirty years. Then, most of the courses offered took place at independent sixth form tutorial colleges, commonly known as crammers.

RIC is now an Independent Schools Council accredited day and boarding school with 280 full time day and boarding students. We continue though to offer particular expertise in short intensive revision courses and retake programmes. Many of the local students who join us each year for Easter revision are recommended to do so by their schools.

At RIC course delivery is highly personalised and exam board specific. Students interested in intensive Easter courses are always invited in to meet their teachers before the course so that courses can be tailored to their needs carefully. Support, guidance and teaching often continues after the revision course. Students are also able to continue to attend the College after the Easter period, either for after school tuition or during any study leave they might be given.

easter revision coursesGet On Top Form In Year 13- RIC’s A level Easter Revision- Day and Residential Courses

Attending RIC’s A2 Easter Revision courses can help maximise your potential. Getting an A rather than a B grade at A level can make the difference between winning a place at your university of choice or having to compromise in clearing. University entry remains highly competitive and the best grades at A level are your passport to the more selective and prestigious institutions.

“I felt I learnt more in a week than I had in the whole of my last year at school. I had more exam practice and constructive feedback on the Maths revision course than I’d ever had before.” 2013 easter revision student


Click here to find out more about how RIC’s A level Easter revision courses work.

a level cramming courses easterMake The Grade In Year 12- RIC’s AS level Easter Revision- Day and Residential Courses

With no opportunity for January retakes in year 13 now a good performance in any AS modules taken at the end of the first year of study is now even more crucial. Good grades at AS can make or break a UCAS application and allow for a clear focus on the A2 in year 13. The transition from GCSE to AS level work is something many students find tricky and our teachers are able to help year 12 students prepare for their first post GCSE exams, building confidence and reviewing any areas of the specifications they are having difficulty with.

gcse easter revision boarding Intensive IGCSE and GCSE Easter Revision- Day and Residential Courses

GCSE grades matter. Getting a C rather than a D at GCSE can make the difference between a sixth form or college place and having to retake. Increasingly schools are looking for students to meet minimum GCSE grade requirements at sixth form, sometimes asking for a top grade in chosen A level options.  Some universities use GCSEs to judge academic potential. Some courses such as Medicine specify the number of As and A*s applicants must offer. Maths is one of our most popular GCSE Easter courses. According to the LSE a GCSE Grade C in Maths reduces the likelihood of unemployment by 7% and increases earnings by roughly 18%. It’s also crucial for students wanting to do most courses at university!

“The College gave me a different perspective on all three of my Science GCSE subjects, and on how education can work in general! The boarding staff and teachers were all very nice, even the food was great! It was helpful to have a structured course to follow and I know I achieved a lot more than I would have done sat in my bedroom at home with all the distractions!” 2013 easter revision student

Click here to find out more about how RIC’s GCSE Easter revision courses work.

best college for easter revisionRIC’s Easter Revision Course Teaching Team

RIC is fortunate in having teachers who work also work as examiners in most subjects resulting in our students receiving the very best preparation for their GCSEs and A levels from professionals who are really in the know about what is required.

Our GCSE and A level Easter revision courses are taught by our own full time members of staff who have established track records of exam result success.

We do not use agency or supply teachers, or temporary staff contracted in from other schools for our Easter courses.

RIC’s Head of English Dr Rachel Woolley is an Assistant Principal examiner for one of the boards and says: “Every year I will probably mark, monitor or review the marking of over 800 students. Marking for 10 years has dramatically enhanced my understanding of what students need to learn and helps me and my colleagues in the department enable students to hone their skills for literary study. It instils a sense of confidence that our year’s work is on course for success.  Teachers who mark are in a better position to diagnose ‘problem areas’. It helps me keep in mind a maximum marks answer so that I can better help the students and keep motivating them to improve.”

Rene Cochlin, Head of Politics at RIC and an experienced textbook author and examiner adds: “The marking and consequent conversations with the Chief Examiner has proved invaluable in understanding how and why questions are likely to be set and in having some insight into the details of how answers are likely to be credited. That knowledge has continued to inform my teaching.”

Students attended Easter Revision courses last year from a range of local, UK and international schools including: Truro School, British School of the Netherlands, King’s Canterbury, King’s Rochester, Ashford School, St Edmund’s Canterbury, Kent College, Simon Langton Grammar School for Girls, Dartford Grammar, Gravesend Grammar for Boys, The Judd School, Rochester Maths, Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar, Faversham, Invicta Girl’s Grammar, Cobham Hall, Cranbrook School, Dean Close School, St Lawrence’s College, Ramsgate, Wilmington Grammar, St Olave’s, Chatham Grammar School for Boys, Gad’s Hill School, Mayfield Grammar School, Northfleet Technology College, Bournemouth Collegiate School, Kent College, Pembury.

A level and GCSE Easter Revision Courses- Subjects Offered

AS/A level: Art and Design, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, English Language, English Literature, Film Studies, French, Geography, German, Government and Politics, Graphic Design, History, History of Art, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Media Studies, Photography, Philosophy, Physics, Sociology, Spanish, Sports Science, Statistics, Theatre Studies

GCSE: Art and Design, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, English, English Literature, Film Studies, French, Geography, German, Government and Politics, Graphic Design, History, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Media Studies, Photography, Philosophy, Physics, Sociology, Spanish, Sports Science, Statistics, Theatre Studies

All subjects are subject to availability. Please be advised that RIC’s Easter Revision Courses are very popular so early application is advised.

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