“I’ve never seen students more happy to get ready and rush to classes in the morning. There’s a genuine excitement at the start of each day.”
floss hatton, lower school cook


The College pioneered the provision of real healthy food using fresh ingredients years before Jamie Oliver descended to save the nation’s malnourished children from the dark menace of turkey twizzlers. All of our food is freshly prepared on the premises and we have not served chips once in 30 years! The dedicated Lower School canteen, named ‘Piglet’s Pantry’ by the children themselves in a competition, serves fresh, homecooked lunches and snacks daily for students and staff who all eat together.

New for 2014/15

Our fees for years 7-9 now include a cooked lunch for each student every day.

The catering is all provided by our in house team, not contracted out to external providers as is common in schools. At RIC the catering staff know each of the children and their likes and dislikes well. Everyone is made a cake on their birthday!

From eight in the morning it’s Breakfast Club where hot and cold breakfasts are served including porridge and beans on toast!

The New Road House dining hall has a giant chess set so students can challenge each other to a game over morning cornflakes and juice. Some of the pieces though are taller than our newly arrived Year 7s! The children provide the musical backdrop to ‘Piglets’ Pantry’ themselves, plugging their ipods enthusiastically into the sound system!


There are several special events during the year that the catering staff look forward to including the Lower School Christmas dinner, the welcome barbecue and the summer festival.


“The thing that gets me up on a Monday morning is running into the canteen, looking at the lunch board and finding that spaghetti bolognaise is on the menu. They make the best lunches here!”
phoebe, year 8, joined ric from st andrews school, rochester


free range education

Fruits of our students’ labour have been put to good use in the canteen throughout the summer months. Comments such as, “these vegetables taste lovely, where have they come from?” have been uttered by several, only then to be surprised to learn that they were grown in the New Road House allotment. Purple mange touts have not only been used as stir fry, but also blanched (turning the water turquoise!), and put into our freezers ready for use at the start of term. A multitude of yellow and green courgettes have had a similar fate. Many a mention has been made about the different flavour of the new potatoes dug up by Simon, which are even more delicious with home grown mint.

They also provided the base for excellent onion bhajis, which Mohinder cooked to show the catering team a touch of Indian cuisine first hand, rather than from a recipe book.

Plentiful quantities of spinach have also provided the basis for salads, quiches and curries. With the promise of beetroot , green beans, spring onions and much more to come the RIC catering team are busy planning more sumptuous dishes to whet the appetite for the start of term.


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