RIC_GCSEgroup1RIC students are celebrating another year of top GCSE results and some incredible academic turnarounds for students who received disappointing results this time last year at other schools.

caitlinTop performer was Caitlin Borowsky who joined RIC from a local preparatory school in Year 7 at age of 11. Caitlin achieved 7A* grades and 4 As. Caitlin’s dedicated and committed approach was rewarded with a set of GCSE results that are the first step towards fulfilling her ambition to study Medicine.

Head of Biology Katharine Lang says: “This year’s results demonstrate that students at non selective independent schools can achieve results that are just as outstanding as the super selective grammar schools.”

The College also supports students who this time last year were awarded disappointing results but after a one year GCSE retake programme are ready to start A levels.

crop 4 (2)zainZain Ahmed from West Malling is this year’s ‘Turnaround King’ and has achieved 7 GCSEs including English and Maths all at C and above. Head of GCSE Mat Sillet says: “This is a remarkable re-launch after enrolling last year with a clutch of D-grade GCSEs.  Zain is proof that hard work and motivation can change your future. Small class sizes and rigorous academic standards are part of the ethos of the college, particularly on the one year GCSE retake programme and this gave Zain the focus to get his grades.” Zain joined from Bennett Memorial in Tunbridge Wells.

Fellow student Olivia Barker has also turned around her academic profile by achieving 5 GCSEs  including Grade B in Film Studies  and Grade B in Photography after leaving Fort Pitt Grammar School with just two GCSEs passes at C. Olivia has now added another five GCSEs in Science, Maths, Graphics, Photography, and Film to her English. Recognising that the environment at grammar school had not let her get the best out of herself, Olivia worked hard to improve her grades and took advantage of the alternative setting of RIC, and the opportunity provided by the non-selective admission policy. It gave her the chance to prove herself and succeed. Zain and Olivia are now both set to start A levels, something that seemed impossible twelve months ago.

The top performing subject at GCSE this year at RIC was English Literature. The students who joined us in Year 7 and have been at RIC for 5 years were most successful in racking up A* and A grades. Particular congratulations though go to Mohammed Shakir who joined RIC in January to retake his Grade E English Language GCSE and now has his Grade C pass. Mohammed says:

“Rochester Independent College helped me to achieve Grade C in a few months, which is really unthinkable.  The teaching staff are really helpful and the class was really small. As I have achieved a Grade C in English Language now I can apply for my dream job in the RAF. I can’t find the words to describe my feelings, as I am overwhelmed.”
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