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“I was so impressed with all the classes and teaching I saw and came away with a very positive view of the College, its ethos and aspirations for the students. The priority of teaching and learning was foremost and the students projected such a positive attitude towards their studies”
peter read, kent independent education advice


private school kent non selective and high achieving

RIC brings something distinctive and exciting to the local educational 11+ landscape. We attract bright, interesting and lively children who benefit from and contribute to a top quality senior school.

Entry at Year 7 is not narrowly selective on academic grounds and we are committed to maximising everyone’s potential. The curriculum is a full academic one and the expectation is that all will proceed to a good set of GCSE results that will allow them to continue to sixth form study.

“I would like to take the opportunity to say a very big thank you to RIC for educating my daughter from the age of 11 through to 18. Your school has nurtured and educated her to an extremely high standard. The care and understanding she received from everyone from the catering staff to the Principals was amazing. Thank you so much for helping to create such a beautiful, challenging, witty and intelligent young woman who is now so readily embracing university.”  
marion nolan


visiting ric and application

We do not hold formal open days. Instead, all prospective students should visit the College for an informal interview together with the parents or guardians on a normal teaching day. You will meet a range of staff and students and visit whatever lessons are running at the time of your visit. Some parents choose to visit without their children in the first instance and you are very welcome to do so. After the initial visits we offer the opportunity for children to spend full school taster days with us, get a real insight into life at RIC and grow more confident about joining us in September.

“Rodney and I wanted to thank you so much for all you have done for Edward since he joined RIC at 11 years old. He was so shy and lacking in confidence and the change we have seen with each year has been incredible. It was a huge leap of faith taking him out of his last school but the best thing we could have done for him. He has been so happy since joining you and you have given him far more than purely academic knowledge. We are so grateful to you and all your staff.”
sarah smyth


entry points

Students join us from state primaries and independent schools in equal number. Some have narrowly missed the entry requirements for selective grammar schools, others are opting for RIC as a first choice alternative. Children are offered places if they have demonstrated a good academic aptitude and interest in learning at primary school. We look for a good record of behaviour. While our main entry point is in September at the start of Year 7 some children join us at different stages where we have space in year groups. A number join the school directly into Year 9 from local preparatory schools after Common Entrance.

feeder schools

Last year students joined us from Spring Grove School, Wye, Hilden Grange Prep, St Olave’s Prep, Orpington, Bickley Park School, Wycombe Court School, Gad’s Hill, Epsom College Prep, King’s Rochester Prep, the Canterbury Steiner School, Sutton Valence Prep and The Bronte School, Gravesend. Recent maintained feeder schools include King’s Hill Primary, Delce Junior, Hempstead Junior, St William of Perth Primary and Twydyll Junior. It is testament to the College’s successful growth that most new enquiries come to us through word of mouth and positive recommendation.

special educational needs

We are not able to offer places to children with behavioural difficulties or those with complex special educational needs that cannot be met in a mainstream environment. We are able to accommodate children with mild learning difficulties such as dyslexia.

“At my house my family call RIC ‘the school of the future’! We all wear our own clothes, call the teachers by their first names and we don’t always work out of text books. If I put my hand up in class to answer a question and get it wrong I don’t feel silly.”
phoebe, year 8 student

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