“We were blown away by RIC on our first visit. It was clear from the moment we walked through the door that the staff here really ‘get’ teenagers. The excellence of what you’re doing – and the integrity; passion; pragmatism and good humour with which you appeared to be doing it – convinced us it was the right place for our son. Four years later as he is about to start his GCSE year we’re so glad we made the move.”
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a fresh alternative for gcse study

At RIC direct entry to any year group or course is often possible at any point in the academic year although the usual points of entry to GCSE courses are:

-Joining at 14+ from another local state or independent school for a two year GCSE programme.

-Joining at 15+ into Year 11 from another local state or independent school or from overseas for a one year intensive GCSE programme.

As we are flexible enough to be able to enrol students right through the academic year we can often help when students are forced to change schools at short notice, when families move into the area and in uniquely difficult educational situations.

visiting ric and application

We do not hold formal open days. Instead students should visit the College for an informal interview together with the parent or guardian. Preferably this should be arranged in term time so there is an opportunity to meet teachers, see lessons in progress and get a real feel for how RIC works.

We look at school reports closely and these should be brought to interview. We always take up references from current schools.

We are not a highly selective school, accepting only students with glittering records of academic achievement. Our only entrance qualification is an honest determination to work hard. In our experience modest prior academic success at previous schools is not necessarily indicative of likely success at RIC.

Many students who come to us though are already highly achieving academically and are seeking to maximise their potential and chance of securing entry to highly competitive courses at leading universities.

For all, the College provides a supportive, encouraging environment in which students can achieve success commensurate with their potential.


We are only able to offer boarding places to GCSE students if they are, or will be, aged 16 or above when they plan to join us.

feeder schools

Students join us directly for GCSE courses from a range of local independent schools such as Combe Bank, Colfe’s, the Canterbury Steiner School, King’s Rochester, King’s Canterbury, Gad’s Hill, Cobham Hall, Bishop Challoner School, Bromley and Bethany School.  Local maintained feeder schools include The Hundred of Hoo, Strood Academy, Longfield Academy, Thomas Aveling, Rainham Girls, Rainham Mark Grammar, Invicta Grammar, Maidstone Grammar, Rochester Maths and Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys. GCSE students have come to RIC from as far afield as Malawi, Mozambique, the USA and Canada, Latvia, Germany, Nigeria and Russia. A one year GCSE course at RIC is the perfect way for international students to integrate into the UK system. We offer summer English courses to prepare students for their one year GCSE programme

special educational needs

We are not able to offer places to students with behavioural difficulties or those with complex special educational needs that cannot be met in a mainstream environment. We are able to accommodate students with mild learning difficulties such as dyslexia.

“This informal, diverse environment appears to sit happily with academic achievement and GCSE and A level results are consistently impressive. RIC really is a ‘university for children’.”
me19 magazine


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