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can i resit my a levels and still be a vet“I’ve just finished my first week of vet lectures and I just wanted to thank you for getting me here; I wouldn’t have had a chance without your help. We managed more in that one term than I had done in my whole two years of chemistry and you can definitely take the credit for that. On results day last year we had a big family discussion and we looked at the options for retaking. If you are willing to work hard then the teachers will give you all the help you need. I don’t think anyone goes on a resit course to slack though!”
amelia liddell, ric class of 2011, rvc student


2014 Success

Please would you pass on my thanks to all the staff at RIC who have given Isabella so much help, advice and support with her A Levels – what a difference a year makes!  We are absolutely thrilled that she will be starting her vet medicine course in September. Kind regards, charlotte derosa 


vet science retaking a levelsIsabella joined RIC from The Judd School Tonbridge, retook her Chemistry and Biology A level and completed A level Sociology on an intensive one year course. She won a place at the Royal Veterinary College and started her training in September 2014.

2013 Success

Congratulations to Emily Mann who is off to RVC for Vet Science after applying as a retake student. Emily retook her A levels as a boarding student on a short September to January course.

Not a retake student but also off to study Veterinary Medicine from RIC’s class of 2013 is Elizabeth Royce who completed her Grade A Chemistry A level in one year from scratch and won a place at Bristol.

options for retaking and aiming for vet science 

There are only seven UK vet schools so competition for places is intense, even first time round.

The universities offering RCVS approved veterinary degrees are Bristol, Cambridge, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool and London. The degree courses are five years in length (six years at some schools).

You can still realistically retake your A levels and get a place at some Vet Schools- if you are committed to strengthening your application, going the extra mile and improving your work experience portfolio as well as your grades.

You need to pay close attention to university policies on resitting and reapplying as these are subject to change. The information below is taken from university vet school websites in July 2013 but it is not exhaustive and you should always check with the vet schools directly for the most upto date information.


Nottingham: ” We will consider a reapplication if you applied to us one year and were not interviewed. We will consider a reapplication following failure to gain an offer after interview only once you have completed a subsequent undergraduate degree. We will consider a reapplication if you gained an offer but failed to meet the grades. We will not consider a third application. We will normally only recognise the marks achieved at the first complete sitting of the A level (A2). However, we will consider applicants who have re-sat A levels, although those will be viewed against the pool of applicants. We will require applicants to obtain AAA on their second attempt, rather than our standard offer of AAB (grade A in chemistry and biology). We do not consider any further re-sits after the second attempt.”

RVC: “The RVC admissions policy is to accept re-taken grades or modules at GCSE, A-Level or equivalent without penalty. However, applicants who re-sit any qualifications are expected to achieve the highest grades on their second sitting (for example, AAA at A-level) but we also specify that minimum grades must have been achieved on the first sitting (for example, BBC at A-level, with B in Biology).”

Liverpool University: “Resits (anything from one module to a complete subject) are permitted, and will not prejudice an application. We accept reapplications (including those with resits) without prejudice provided the application has been strengthened in accordance with our admissions criteria.”

Bristol University: “Near miss’ candidates who have AAB for D100 or ABB for D101 (i.e. missed by one grade relative to our standard offer of AAA for D100 or AAB for D101 offer) may apply. However if we have to make a choice between a candidate who achieved AAA for D100 or AAB for D101 in one sitting and one who had an A level resit we would choose the former.”

Remember that Cambridge and The Royal Veterinary College also demand that applicants sit the Biomedical Admissions Test (the BMAT). Cambridge, Edinburgh and Glasgow do not consider applicants retaking their A levels.

a level resits for vet science and silly puns

a level retakes vet science

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