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The aim of the College is to give our students a happily distinctive, fulfilling, enjoyable, and successful experience of school in an international environment. The underpinning of this is small classes, superb teachers and high quality pastoral care. The ethos underlying this commitment is non denominational and broadly humanist in that it is designed to foster mutual respect, challenge prejudice and to develop an imaginative and informed attitude that will lead to improvements in students’ personal and public lives. We are similarly committed to ensuring that staff enjoy their work here, are engaged, involved and enabled to develop their professional competencies. In order to achieve these objectives the College must be:

Able to maintain and foster the College’s reputation for excellent examination results, informality, approachability, flexibility and tailoring programmes of study to individuals.


Able to offer a curriculum broad enough to attract and cater for a wide range of student interests and abilities


Able to fulfill allthe statutory registration requirements of an independent school


Able to provide a broad and exciting range of co curricular and enrichment activities


Able to provide a safe and supportive academic and residential environment for its students and staff


Of sufficient size to support a substantial full and part time staff and to develop their careers at the College imaginatively and fulfillingly


Pro active with regard to the welfare, performance and professional development of all its staff


Aware of and responsive to the local community in which it operates and of the wider world, with a particular focus on environmental and international issues


Aware of the demands of higher education and the world of work, and be able to prepare its students to cope effectively with those demands by developing a sense of responsibility, and personal independence


Able to promote and market itself effectively and creatively in order to nurture a good reputation, reinforcing its distinctive profile as a fresh alternative to traditional independent education


Able to offer a significant scholarship and bursaries scheme that broadens access to the education offered by the College to those most deserving


Well managed and financially viable to allow for investment in the physical and staff resources necessary while keeping a clear focus on educational aims that are distinct from business and bureaucratic endeavours


Able to ensure effective communication between staff, students, parents, alumni and local, national and international educational and business communities
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