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All A level subjects and all AS and A2 modules on all exam boards are available for retaking in 2017.


“I am pleased that we can ensure that no student taking AS or A levels will have to effectively study for a new qualification if things don’t go to plan the first time around.” Julie Swan, Ofqual


Although A Levels are being reformed, these changes do not impact anyone starting A Level retake courses in September 2016 hoping to retake in May/June 2017.

The first subjects that have been reformed are Art and Design, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, English language, English language and literature, English literature, History, Physics, Psychology and Sociology.

The familiar modular specifications continue to be available this academic year in these subjects, for the final time.

All modules are available to retake, including coursework and practicals. You can retake all modules or just the ones you need to retake.

You can opt for a one year A level retake programme or study on a shorter course, January-June, depending on your target grade and starting point. RIC staff will be able to advise.

The only qualifying criteria is that students must have taken the subject before at A level in order to retake, or have been prevented from doing so due to health reasons. Click here for the full Ofqual consultation option. 

Students may choose to retake their exams on a different exam board to the one they took originally.

Click here for full details of RIC’s one year A level retake courses.

Click here for details of boarding on an A level retake course.

At RIC students often combine retaking A levels with fresh one year courses to target their first choice university and make their academic gap year more engaging. RIC offers full UCAS support for students retaking A levels to ensure that their new application is carefully put together. It is usual for students retaking A levels at RIC to receive five Russell Group university offers.

“I hated English at my old school but at RIC the teachers prepared me for the exams, inspired me and made me love English again. I went from a D to an A.” Sasha Miles


Retake and Aim Higher

“Having set my heart on a career in medicine, I was devastated when I fell short of the grades I needed for the offer I held at Bart’s and the London Medical school. I soon realised that if my dream of going to medical school was to become a reality, I needed to keep at it and resit some of my A levels. After hearing about Rochester Independent College from a friend, I organised a visit. It was immediately apparent to me that this was the place I needed to be. The staff are friendly, extremely knowledgeable and had all the advice I needed. I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive and encouraging community that want to see every student fulfil their potential. As well as resitting my existing A levels (Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics) I also completed 2 additional A levels (Sociology and Statistics) to enhance my UCAS application. I would never have considered taking Sociology A level before Rochester suggested it but I am so glad that I have done it. It was completely different to all of the other subjects I was taking and I learnt a lot from completing it and It was definitely worth taking on the extra work. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at RIC and despite the hours of work that you have to do, I made some great friends. The small class sizes mean that you get to know people very quickly and I always felt well supported by my peers. The staff are so dedicated and passionate about their subjects and students, that they make the A levels as easy and enjoyable as possible. I cannot thank them enough for their unconditional support and encouragement. This year has only better prepared me for university and I now feel fully equipped to take on the new challenge of medicine. With the fantastic help and support of Rochester Independent College, I was over the moon to achieve two offers for medicine this year in spite of having had to retake my subjects. I can’t say that taking 5 A levels in 8 months was the easiest task but here I am at the other end with A*AAAA, excited and ready to start at Exeter Medical school in September 2016.”Abigail Wong 


“Lizzie has made us very proud with her resilience and steely determination despite all her setbacks and her positivity has been all down to the fantastic support from her tutors and the efforts made to build up her confidence. It’s been absolutely amazing to see Lizzie blossoming so much and happy and smiling again since she joined RIC and I know that the encouragement, advice and support you have all given will help her enormously in her next steps. It really has been the making of her. She is so grateful and appreciative and always speaks so highly of all her teachers and how passionate and supportive they are.” Anne Jones 2016
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