rochester independent college“As we passed through the classrooms, the atmosphere was calm and studious, nothing like any of the secondary schools I had ever been to before! The mutual respect between teachers and students is palpable, and the impression is that all students are relaxed and genuinely happy to be there.”
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Students achieve best academically if they are happy and settled in their school environment and have a good rapport with their teachers and peers. Ofsted reported that the “good results achieved by students at both GCSE and advanced levels reflects their progress and the effective structures of support employed by the College.”

RIC offers a first choice, non selective alternative at 11+ to local children looking for a distinctive and happy secondary education in a small group environment. A broad curriculum is taught in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

At RIC the transition from primary to secondary school is smoother and less intimidating than is often possible at a larger school. It is at this stage of a student’s development that a fresh environment and a new approach can really make a positive impact. Students achieve academically here without undue pressure and flourish socially in an atmosphere of respectful informality.

They gain the confidence from year 7 onwards for success at GCSE, A level and at university.

rochester independent tutors college“Teachers use praise well and ensure their lessons provide regular opportunities that enable students to achieve and feel good about what they do. These factors lay a firm foundation for effective learning.”   
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