“I know the term isn’t quite over, but I would like to let you know our delight with Oliver’s first year at RIC. The time has flown by, and the difference in Oliver cannot be expressed adequately. You have brought back his enthusiasm for learning at school – something that had sadly been lost in his final years at primary school.”  
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We teach students to think and become enthused by their education, thereby raising their aspirations. We like our students to be lively and to ask questions, while insisting on a sound work ethic and the highest standards of behaviour and punctuality. Students come from a wide variety of educational and social backgrounds. Some have always been in private education, other join the College from local grammar or secondary schools. A number of international students are based in the Lower School, contributing to a cosmopolitan atmosphere and we are visited regularly by students from the Kasetsart University Laboratory School, Bangkok with our exchange Thai students joining in many Lower School lessons.  Our students have the annual opportunity to learn about Thai culture through a number of presentations and activities, including traditional dance and food.

ricThere is no uniform in the Lower School but students are expected to dress responsibly. Once every year students do wear their old school uniforms as a charity event in aid of the Woodland Trust! As students join the College from many local schools there is always a colourful range of old ties, customized straw boaters and desecrated blazers.


The Lower School is a friendly and purposeful community where students are happy and work well. Antisocial behaviour is not tolerated. The atmosphere is calm, positive and orderly. Our students have nothing to rebel against and so can direct their energies elsewhere. We have a few simple rules to keep students comfortable and safe. Chewing gum is banned because it is sticky and horrible. If mobile phones are brought to school, they must be turned off apart from at break or lunchtimes. We do not want lessons disrupted by the latest polyphonic ring tones. In the past offending phones have been sent on murky trips to the depths of the College pond! Lower School students remain on the College site during breaks and lunchtimes.

Students are well cared for and the college uses a range of opportunities to effectively raise their self-esteem and self-confidence. Students rapidly settle in, one commenting, ‘it’s like being at home.'”

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