“RIC is a small school and, as it says in the name, it encourages you to be ‘independent’ with your thinking and treats you as an individual. It’s not full of cliques, people are accepted for who they are and everyone gets on really well.”  alyson, year 11 student


Finland houseStudents are RIC are a genuinely diverse and welcoming group with a range of talents and interests both in and out of the classroom.

Some students have had difficulties with bullying, motivation or academic progress before joining RIC but many have  performed exceptionally well in previous schools.

They join us from grammar, independent and comprehensive schools in equal numbers.

Some students have been with us since Year 7 and moved up from our Lower School. It is common though for students to transfer to RIC directly for one or two year GCSE courses from other schools. We offer a more flexible and engaging approach to education and the best possible backdrop for realising potential in these crucial two years of secondary education.

“Students are well cared for and the college uses a range of opportunities to effectively raise their self-esteem and self-confidence.”
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