a level one year“Thankyou for helping me differentiate both mathematically and between outstanding teaching (done at RIC) and the teaching often done elsewhere. It helped me in my teaching career.”
rubia siddiqui, former student


Good teaching is not in itself always enough to ensure success. Rochester Independent College is always exceptionally supportive.

Young people are not born with the ability to study, pass exams, revise or to organise their time properly and we believe it is the job of a good school to foster and teach these skills rather than expect them to evolve by magic. Exam technique, a skill sometimes neglected even in good schools, is given much emphasis.

Examination success is as much about confidence and motivation as subject knowledge. When it comes to exam revision, students find that Rochester’s intensive revision programmes are unmatched anywhere. Students don’t have to struggle with hastily scribbled notes on some long forgotten classroom lecture. We do not send our students away on study leave and the tutors are on hand to guide and structure revision right the way up to the final papers.

The College aims to support and monitor students to ensure that all coursework and revision is completed satisfactorily. We are however also keen to ensure that students develop the confidence and study skills necessary for them to succeed independently once they leave the highly structured environment of the College and proceed to university. We aim to strike the right balance between academic hand holding and encouraging independence. An important part of the College’s teaching ethos is that staff are available to help students individually outside of scheduled lesson times.

“The marking of students’ work is regular and detailed. Individual progress is carefully monitored and teachers give very clear guidance on exactly what students need to do to improve. Written feedback provides sharp, measurable targets. “
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