“I really like the way the school is set up – each building is more like a house than a school. You have to walk to each class so you get some fresh air between lessons sometimes too.”
josh, year 7, joined ric from epsom college prep


Breakfast is served from 8 in the Lower School canteen but everyone arrives in College by 8.55am at the latest for morning registration in small groups. Lessons are 55 minutes long and last until 4 with a morning break and an hour at lunchtime.

Refreshments are provided in the Lower School during break times. There are six lessons each day and we try and structure the timetable so that core subjects- English, Maths and Science are in the mornings.

RIC timetables

chessAt lunchtimes children are given plenty of opportunity to enjoy fresh air and exercise either in the RIC gardens or supervised on the sports pitch. Clubs and activities make lunchtime a busy hour. Chess, music, debating, warhammer, anime cinema, choir, magic and computer club are all popular New Road House activities.

Homework can be completed at College in supervised conditions between 4pm and 6pm. Some extra curricular activities, clubs and sport practice also take place during this time as well as at lunchtime so those who catch the College minibus can also participate. RIC does not teach on Saturdays, allowing our students to enjoy family life at the weekend after a focused week of study.

“I like the way my timetable allows me to study three languages- German, Spanish and French- as this is what I’m really good at and want to specialise in in the future.”
alexia, year 9, joined ric from gad’s hill school


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