UCAS“This is just to say a very big ‘thank you’ to all of Alistair’s tutors at Rochester Independent for your superb guidance, expert management of the application for Law, unfailing kindness, patience and brilliant teaching. You taught him to think properly, to write clearly and fulfilled every promise you made to us.”
judith wickham, parent of alistair, class of 2010, joined ric from invicta grammar school, maidstone


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With university entrance becoming increasingly competitive it’s clear that sixth form is more than ever becoming the educational make or break time. With a degree now far more of a common currency and the cost of a university education increasing it is even more important for students to ensure they aim to secure entry to good courses at respected institutions.

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Statistics starkly demonstrate private school domination of Grade A achievement. Last year 50% of A levels sat in independent schools were passed at Grade A, compared with 20% in comprehensives. 31% of independent school candidates secured AAA compared with 10% across all state schools. Just as crucially, independent school candidates are much more likely to sit A levels preferred by leading universities such as Maths, Economics and French.  In spite of efforts by Oxbridge to widen access to state school applicants 50% of its undergraduates remain privately educated. Other leading Russell Group and 1994 group universities also admit a disproportionate number of independently educated students. Against such a backdrop then it is not surprising that post GCSE many parents consider moving to an independent sixth form in order to maximise student potential.

Teachers, Personal Tutors and careers advisors work together at RIC with all students to help them to approach the future. As students develop their ideas, the personal tutor system also helps in other ways, notably with ensuring that each student is studying the correct subjects for their chosen career path and that they are achieving at a sufficiently high level. The Personal Tutors and the College Principals work closely with the UCAS Advisors to ensure that students are properly supported and guided through the university application process. The College has a great deal of expertise in preparing students for Oxbridge applications as well as for medical school and other highly competitive courses such as Dentistry, Vet Science, English and Law.

Students are guided through every aspect of their UCAS application. Students often seem to find filling out an application form for University even more daunting than their actual A levels! Extensive individual advice not only helps students to remember all the salient points they should be using to make the best application possible, it also can help them to be absolutely sure they are applying for a course they really want to do, rather than one they to which they have simply drifted into. Read our 10 top tips for writing your UCAS personal statement here.

During the course of each academic year there are also regular visits from university tutors who talk to students interested in particular subject areas.

RIC tutors are also able to advise on preparing applications to North American universities and those in Europe as well as music, drama and art schools and GAP year programmes. We offer interview training and guidance for students who need to take additional entrance tests such as the LNAT for Law and the UKCAT for medicine.

Thank you so much for enabling Sam to get his 2As and a B for Manchester. We are really thrilled he has been able to fulfil his potential in this way but know that it wouldn’t have happened without the excellent quality of teaching, guidance and pastoral care that you provided.”
emma begg, parent of sam, class of 2010, joined ric from the judd school, tonbridge
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