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College Aims

Rochester Independent College aims to give students a happily distinctive, enjoyable and successful experience of school in an international environment that values creative and academic achievements equally, underpinning this with small classes and high quality teaching and pastoral care.

The college ethos is non-denominational and broadly humanist, designed to foster respect, challenge prejudice and develop an imaginative and informed attitude. 

The college aims to maintain excellent examination results, through a curriculum that meets students’ needs and a safe and supportive environment. 

The college aims to engage with the local community with a particular emphasis on the arts and the environment and to support the welfare and development of its staff. 

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Statement of Boarding Principles 

Our aim in the boarding is to ensure that all students are well supported to live in an international environment where the informality of a College is combined with supervision appropriate to the age of the students. 

We understand that our boarding students are often far away from home and our aim is to ensure that they: 

• Live and learn in a safe and secure environment 

• Thrive in a caring atmosphere

• Have clean and comfortable accommodation

• Are well fed 

• Are able to talk to a member of staff or an independent contact about any issue or concern 

• Receive as much attention as they need 

• Are happy and well looked after 

• Have the opportunity to express their wishes 

• Are respected