One Year GCSE Retakes

A level results 2020

At RIC we'll do everything we can to help you get into your university of choice.

RIC’s exam results regularly match or exceed those of more highly selective private schools and local grammars, despite our broad ability intake.

We believe that our small teaching groups, regular testing and structured tutorial support are responsible for this.

73% of the A level entries were graded A*-B and the top A* was achieved in subjects ranging from English Literature, Sociology and History of Art to Further Maths and Physics. In total, 42% of grades were A or A*.

Remarkably, the results included many students who joined to retake, had gained very low grades after completing year 12 elsewhere or had been denied entry to their chosen A level courses at other schools.

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Ric League Table

RIC is Top in Medway for A level Progress Score, and in Top 2% in England

RIC has once again excelled in the government 16-18 performance table. Click here to view table.

GCSE Year 11 Results 2020

RIC is a non-selective school and students have historically joined us only for very short periods of time for their GCSE study, often for a year or even less. The results include those of high achieving students who secure a row of As and A*s and those for whom passing five at Grade C level represents an enormous achievement in the light of their previous educational record. After GCSEs at RIC students are well prepared to proceed either to our own sixth form or to the selective local grammar schools.

A remarkable 38% of the grades achieved by our students in 2020 fall between 9-7 (A*-A) with 94% of all grades at 9-4 (A*-C). This is a testament to the effort exhibited by our students and the excellent teaching provided by our dedicated staff team.

Those students coming to the College to retake their GCSEs improved their results, opening up numerous opportunities which were previously closed to them.

University destinations that are as diverse as our students

RIC students get into Oxbridge and the Russell group in impressive numbers each year but also to a broad range of universities that fit their unique personalities and interests.

Our student destinations are always diverse reflecting the individual nature of our annual student cohort. It’s not just university destinations that are celebrated. Some students have opted to go straight into the workplace, some follow apprenticeship schemes and one even joined the US Marines.

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