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ISI rate student care at RIC

Pupils feel very secure within the school and boarding environment and know how to stay safe. Boarders say that they are well cared for if they are unwell. Standards of cleanliness are good and the houses are well maintained. Rooms are cleaned daily.

ISI rate student care at RIC

An effective pastoral team sees academic progress and personal welfare. As well as looking after academic needs everyone at RIC is committed to ensuring those who join us from overseas are kept happy, healthy, safe and well fed.

Boarding staff ensure new students are picked up from the airport, welcomed and shown around Rochester and the College. Our College nurse Ammy Bjerkan ensures that all students register locally with a doctor and have access to medical care.

At RIC student accommodation is located on the urban campus, so commuting from classes to boarding facilities is not required. All pupils are closely supervised by resident staff in a safe and secure environment.

September 2020

We will manage the arrival of international boarders in September 2020 in a proactive, caring and safe manner. Our commitment is based on both the current and projected situations and may well change before September 2020 accordingly.

We will continue to uphold the highest of standards in hygiene, health and safety in order to mitigate the risk of infection and to care for our students in a supportive, comfortable environment.

Should it be necessary (eg by UK government directive) for students to remain in college buildings for a period up to 14 days after arriving in the UK (otherwise known as ‘quarantine’), then this will be carried out within the comfort of our own student residences, cared for by our staff and given all meals as usual. This would also include online learning and activities. In order to do this, we may change our term dates to make these arrangements more practical.

Social distancing

If this becomes part of college life in the autumn, it will be managed practically and effectively and may include different mealtimes; a suspension of some school trips; a maximum number of students and staff congregating at any one time and guidance on socialising in college and in the wider community, including any local travel. Students should not visit each other’s rooms.

Personal protection

Students and staff will be advised to wear masks which cover nose and mouth; use the sanitising gel provided before each class and meal and on entering any college building and to use any other protective equipment as relevant to the activity undertaken.

Where possible RIC will be sourcing eco-friendly PPE products.

The college buildings will undergo a ‘deep clean’ prior to the start of term and again after two weeks. All classroom, laboratory, dining room and common area surfaces will be cleaned throughout the working day. Students should keep their own areas tidy and clean.

Students should report any symptoms of cough and/or fever to their house staff or college Nurse immediately.

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