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The promotion of equality and diversity is outstanding. The multicultural mix of students is reflected in the staff team and the ethos of the college is inclusive. Cultural differences are actively celebrated. Individual customs and values are all given equal regard and additional support needs, arising from ethnic backgrounds and language barriers are actively provided for.


An effective pastoral team sees academic progress and personal welfare. As well as looking after academic needs everyone at RIC is committed to ensuring those who join us from overseas are kept happy, healthy, safe and well fed.

Boarding staff ensure new students are picked up from the airport, welcomed and shown around Rochester and the College. They are introduced to current students who act as friends and buddies on first arrival. The start of term barbecue in the College gardens is always a popular event in the first week of term.

We help with all the practical details of becoming a student in the UK such as opening a bank account and using public transport. Our College nurse Ammy Bjerkan ensures that all students register locally with a doctor and have access to medical care.

Students have individually timetabled meetings with their tutors to discuss progress on at least a fortnightly basis. Personal Tutors work closely with their tutees to ensure they are studying the right combination of A level subjects at the right level to match their university aspirations.

Students on A level and GCSE courses take regular formal tests. Students are kept on target and problems are dealt with immediately rather than left to degenerate. Our teaching, residential and pastoral staff are pro active, identifying where students are having difficulties and offering practical help, solutions and encouragement as well as monitoring course work submission carefully.

Tutors file regular reports on students and these are emailed to parents giving constant feedback. The College operates an open door policy and parents feel free to come and see, telephone or email Personal Tutors and to discuss any issue concerning them. Our boarding student council meets once a week during term time and boarders can speak to one of the boarding student representatives.

Boarders are encouraged to discuss any problems with their personal tutors or any of the boarding staff but we realise that there may be occasions when they wish to raise worries or concerns in a different way. If there is an issue that the student feels they cannot share with a College member of staff, the Independent Listener, Gerry Pamment, is available to speak to boarding students about any worries they may have. She is introduced to the students at the beginning of the first term and again in the January term for new students. Gerry is available on 01634 828 107 from 8.30 – 9.00 am and 5.30 – 6.00 pm weekdays. Messages can be left at any other time for Gerry to call back.

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