Shaping Tomorrow's Market Leaders

Rochester Independent College students recently enjoyed a Virtual Trading and market simulation day with Amplify Trading. Many RIC students are aiming at City careers and have gone on to study Business, Economics, Finance, Accounting and Actuarial Science at top universities for the subjects such as Warwick, Loughborough, Bath, Southampton and UCL as well as degree level apprenticeships with leading firms.

The event saw A level Business Studies, Economics and Computer Science students take part in a virtual trading day hosted by Amplify Trading and competing against several other Dukes Colleges.

Amplify Trading was founded in 2009 to develop traders equipped to perform in the new era of global markets. Using technology to bridge the gap between theory and practice, their innovative approach to capital markets training is now used by many of the world’s largest financial firms to find and develop their next market leaders.

Students that take Amplify’s simulations are able to leverage the experience on the CV and top performers are connected directly with Amplify’s many corporate clients. The experience provides a significant boost to any student CV with many sharing their results on LinkedIn. Out-performers are fast-tracked by Amplify’s clients for internship and graduate roles.From the effectiveness of voice communication in a sales trader role to responsibility and risk management of a market maker, the simulations help students find where their strengths lie. Previous clients of Amplify Trading include many of the Russell Group universities along with some of the biggest names in the banking industry worldwide - Morgan Stanley, Citibank, Goldman Sachs and Moneycorp.

Around thirty RIC Students enjoyed the half day simulation with many of them able to illustrate considerable skill in their trading, although there were a few “Black Fridays” with considerable losses being recorded. This didn't deter the students or the teachers involved. Neal Layton, RIC's Head of Business Studies said: “As with anything in life it is not the failure that is important but what you do about it. As George Soros once put it - “it’s not whether your right or wrong, its how much money you make when you’re right and how much you lose when you're wrong.” What was important to me about the day was the students seeing what is involved in a real-life simulation. One that can go badly wrong as well as spectacularly can be an incredible learning experience. Declan, a year 12 Business Studies student added - “it was a great experience but really does show how you have to be able to think on your feet in these environments, I made some great trades (and some not so great ones) over the day.”

A great experience was had by all and we are now looking at running a virtual trading simulation as part of a more long-term learning exercise.

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