A-Level Computer Science


Explore New Worlds

Get a wider perspective by exploring some of the leading and bleeding edge developments in the field of computing.

Computer Scientists Play Key Role in First Image of Black Hole. NASA. April 2019. | RIC LINK ?usp=sharing

RSC joins forces with Intel and The Imaginarium Studios. Press release 2016. | RIC LINK kgwPhMv5/view?usp=sharing


Keep An Eye On Developments

Computer Science is changing everything | WEB LINK

What do programmers actually do? | WEB LINK

Earth Rover wins Pollybell organic farming innovation award. January 2020. | WEB LINK


Learn To Speak Python Some of the languages that will be covered as part of the A Level are Python, SQL, Assembler, HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Automate The Boring Stuff With Python Part 1 is a good overview of Python if you haven’t coded much. | RIC LINK usp=sharing

Think Creatively, Think Beyond :

Learning to code is not just for coders | WEB LINK

Map Of Computer Science gives a general overview of the subject extending to degree level concepts and beyond. | WEB LINK