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A-Level Economics


Why We Fail to Prepare for Disaster by Tim Harford – A look at why societies fail to prepare for disasters that they see coming. From hurricane Catrina, to COVID-19, Tim uses economic theory to explain our seemingly irrational behaviour.

The Coronavirus Crisis May Lead to a New Way of Economic Thinking by Larry Elliott – A look at the lessons which can be learnt from previous economic crises such as the Great Depression, and the Financial Crisis.

Online: - An excellent source of economic news, opinion, and discussion. – Up to the minute economic news, data, and insight from the FT journalists. – Articles for those looking to better understand economic theory. - An entertaining look at the lighter side of economics. – A collection of articles, notes, videos, and quizzes to support students studying economics.

Listen: – A witty, weekly, American based podcast which claims to be “The Economy Explained”. – This is a “little show with big ideas”. From the brilliant people at NPR Planet Money, this is 9 minutes of economic gold delivered to your smartphone daily. – From the writers of the very successful book ‘Freakonomics’ comes this weekly entertaining podcast which looks at “the hidden side of everything”. - A BBC economics and statistical podcast which looks at “the numbers behind the news”.

Watch: – Crash Course Economics: A series of short, introductory videos to Economic topics, many of which are studied on the A-Level Syllabus. - Econplusdal: A series of short, tutorial videos which looks at every aspect of the A-Level Syllabus.