What can I do with a degree in Philosophy? - A collection of testimonies from 30 people who studied Philosophy, including Optometrists, Physicians, lawyers, TV producers, teachers, therapists, and many more, discussing how their philosophy degree helped prepare them for their careers

“Think” by Simon Blackburn - An introduction to philosophy, via a discussion of Eight areas of discussion. Of particular relevance to the A-level course are the sections on Knowledge, Mind, God, and What to Do

Online: - An in depth encyclopedia on almost every Philosophical topic that exists. – News and Articles about Philosophy and the Philosophy profession – Webcomics about Philosophy - The reddit Philosophy page – A collection of articles, news stories, and criticism on a wide range of topics, including those of Philosophical interest

Listen: – Short, 20 minute podcasts with Philosophers talking about their area of expertise – A podcast series talking about key texts and thinkers within Philosophy – Podcasts weaving Philosophical Ideas into Narrative Storytelling - BBC Radio 4’s “In Our Time” Series, discussing the life and works of Great Philosophers

Watch: - A series of Videos ranging from short introductions to Philosophical ideas, ranging to larger discussions of subjects like race, gender, personal data, and Marxism - Crash Course Philosophy: A series of short, introductory videos to Philosophical topics, many of which are studied on the A-level Syllabus