Since 1991 the College has welcomed many outstanding young academics who win prestigious places on the programme in a national competition.

The Thai government fund the students through their A levels at the College and then through top UK universities. The scholars return home, often after completing doctoral study, and work in senior positions for the Thai government.

The College recently received this update from the three original Thai scholarship holders:

This is Songphol from Thailand. I just browsed the website and am truly impressed with the achievement of the Thai flying pigs. However, I am quite annoyed not seeing “the original three” Thai flying pigs mentioned on the page. We deserve a few lines and I am writing on behalf of Apinunt and Nawin to reclaim our place in history. Here’s an update of our lives *17* years after Rochester:

Dr Apinunt Thanachayanont (Imperial College 1998), associate professor of Electrical Engineering at King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Bangkok. Also an assistant to the President of the University and a father of two beautiful girls. 

Nawin Somyat (UMIST 2000), a lecturer at Thammasart University, Bangkok.

Dr Songphol Kanjanachuchai (Imperial College 1995, Cambridge 1999), the first Oxbridge Thai and now professor of Electrical Engineering at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok. (Will be a father in Sep!)

Massive congratulations to Apinunt on the publication of his first text book: CMOS: Analog Integrated Circuits. Sadly, it is available only in Thai (otherwise we would, of course, have understood every word).

Sukpuck Dien Phongsathit-Barnett globe trotting foody blogger and Thanawat Tan Manathat were both at Rochester in 2000 and have just been promoted to the post of First Secretary of the Thailand Trade and Economic Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Dien has been posted to Taipei, Taiwan and Tan to Laos. Dien has worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2010 and has travelled the world representing her country in the UN and negotiating international agreements in various forums. Massive congratulations on a very well deserved promotion and on Dien and Neil’s recent first wedding anniversary. 

Thai Scholars at Rochester Independent College since 2009:


•   Phakpoom Anitcharoen – University of Oxford – Chemistry 

•   Sarun Gulyanon - University of Edinburgh – Computer Science 

•   Tanatorn Khotavivattana – University of Oxford – Chemistry 

•   Napat Poovuttikul - Imperial College London – Theoretical Physics 

•   Nuttapol Risangud - University of Manchester – Chemistry 

•   Tian Wirojsaksaree - Imperial College London - Computing


•   Pisak Chermpray – Imperial College London – Mechanical Engineering 

•   Nat Dilokthanakul –University College London - Physics 

•   Kamin Siriwatwetchakul - University of Cambridge – Natural Sciences 

•   Jirawat Tangpanitanon- University of Cambridge – Natural Sciences 

•   Thanapat Worasaron - University of Cambridge – Natural Sciences


•   Nontanit Cheewaruangroj - University of Cambridge – Natural Sciences 

•   Nuttawat Kongsauwan - University of Cambridge – Physics 

•   Jirawat Ratanep - University of Cambridge – Natural Sciences 


•   Jirraborriak Charoenpattarapree - University of Cambridge – Natural Sciences 

•   Orarat Ginsawaeng – University College London – Biological Sciences 

•   Siraput Jongaramrungruang - University of Cambridge – Natural Sciences 

•   Narakin Lohitsiri - University of Cambridge – Mathematics 

•   Gun Pinyo – Imperial College London – Computing 

•   Thongchai Wirojsakseree – University of Bristol - Computing


•   Kla Karava – University of Cambridge – Natural Sciences 

•   Parinya Udommai – University of Manchester – Physics 

•   Pawita Boonrat – University of Manchester – Physics 

•   Poon Thongsai – Imperial College London – Mathematics 

•   Puthipong Worasaran -University of Cambridge – Natural Sciences 

•   Saowalak Changko -University of York – Biology 

•   Supanut Thanasilp - Imperial College London – Physics 


•   Prekamon Chaipanichkul – Imperial College London – Physics 

•   Methawi Chomthing – University of Cambridge – Natural Sciences 

•   Peersak Sae-Ung – University of Cambridge – Natural Sciences


•   Anantachok Duangsarot – Imperial College London - Computer Science 

•   Jesada Maklai – University of Lancaster – Physics 

•   Adipol Phosrisom – University of Surrey – Physics 

•   Bannawit Pimpanuwat – University of Manchester –Physics 

•   Jiratheep Pruchyatthamkorn – University of Oxford – Chemistry 


•   Chotipan Boonkongkird – University of Edinburgh – Astrophysics 

•   Natthikan Phongteeramitr – University College London – Pharmacy 

•   Nonpawith Phoommanee – University College London – Biomedical Engineering 

•   Rattana Pukdee – University of Oxford – Mathematics

•   Chanathip Rojjanapanitpreeda – Brunel University – Physiotherapy 

•   Sompob Shanokprasith – University of Cambridge – Natural Sciences 

•   Phattaraporn Singkanipa – University of Cambridge – Natural Sciences 

•   Vit Sriprachyakul – University of Cambridge – Mathematics

•   Wipada Wongchuen – University of Dundee – Dentistry 

•   Panawat Wong-Klaew – University of Cambridge – Natural Sciences


•   Kiatmeta Chongfungklang - University of Nottingham - Mathematical Physics 

•   Varit Foongvanich - University of Cambridge – Mathematics

•   Adisorn Panasawatwong - University of Oxford - Physics 

•   Pattaraporn Pinturak - Queen Mary - Mathematics & Economics 

•   Pinphong Sukkaew - University of Cambridge - Natural Sciences

•   Rapee Wanaset - University of Southampton - Physics

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