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Your route to a top University

Many students arrive at RIC each year having missed their offers and leave with three top grades and a first choice university place after an intensive A level retake course. Equally important is the self-confidence gained from these successful educational makeovers. If you have missed your A level offer grades and are not happy with the thought of applying through clearing there are positive options for students needing to resit their A levels. We have been offering intensive A level resit courses since 1984. Resitting A levels at RIC is not like going back to school. There’s no uniform, no petty rules, and teachers and students are on first name terms. It’s a stepping-stone between school and university.

A level retake students at Rochester won 2016 places that include Biology at Imperial, Dentistry at Bristol, Vet Science at Liverpool, Pharmacy at UCL, Law at Exeter, Theology at Durham, English at Leeds, French at St Andrews, Geography at Loughborough, Japanese at Sheffield, Computing at Imperial, Nursing at KCL and Medical school places at Bristol for Natasha Alford and Exeter for Abi Wong

All RIC retake students who applied to Russell Group universities received at least one, and in many cases up to five offers, from this group of the UK’s leading higher education institutions.

What gives Rochester Independent College’s A level retake students the competitive edge when reapplying for university is that they often add new A level subjects completed as one year intensive courses alongside their A level resits to properly prepare them for their chosen course of study and demonstrate their academic potential.

Rochester Independent College offers a range of one year A level courses that can be successfully combined with A level resits. The one thing to remember is that retaking A-levels does not necessarily diminish your chances of attending a top university and, through the years, RIC has enabled retake students to actually improve their future academic prospects as students leave us to start degree programmes they initially thought beyond their reach before joining us.

Average class size 8

Weekly testing, exam practice and feedback

Expert UCAS support

Full and weekly boarding

Russell Group and medical school entry specialists

Combine retakes with new one year A levels

Individual tutorial support

All boards offered by teacher examiner experts

One year and short retake courses


Exeter University, the most popular choice for RIC retakers in the last few years say in their admissions policy: “The University does not discriminate against applicants who have re-taken part or all of a qualification and will treat an achieved or predicted qualification grade in the same way irrespective of whether or not re-takes are involved (this applies to all our programmes including BMBS Medicine).”

Student A Level
Abi Wong

Having set my heart on medicine, I was devastated when I fell short of the grades I needed for the offer I held at Barts. I soon realised that if my dream was to become a reality, I needed to keep at it and resit. This year has better prepared me for university and I now feel fully equipped to take on the new challenge. With the help of RIC, I was over the moon to achieve two offers for medicine.

Abi Wong
University Of Bristol

I would like to thank you and your staff for enabling Hannah to get the grades she needed for University. You took a girl in pieces after the disappointment of her A level results last year and turned her into a confident and successful young woman. She has now been accepted to study Zoology at Bristol, her dream university, and she would not have done it without you all. Gill Gower 

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Obviously no one plans to need to retake A levels and missing offers and having to do so is disappointing. After this initial disappointment however students often report looking back on their A level retake year as a positive experience that properly prepares them for university. The RIC boarding option for those doing A level retakes or one year A level courses allows students from other schools to still move on, as they might have initially planned to do, before results day changed their original higher education plans. Many opt to weekly board at RIC for their A level retakes from London or elsewhere in the South East.

For A level resit students over the age of 18 who would prefer not to board at College but live in off-site accommodation RIC recommends Liberty Quays, Medway where RIC students can live alongside university students from The University of Kent and Canterbury Christ Church University. The residence is within easy reach of all local amenities and transport links and there is a morning bus to Rochester. 

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A level Resit Success for Boarders

Chris Richardson who joined from King’s Canterbury went from BBC at A level in Chemistry, Maths and Biology to A*AA, winning a Durham place for Biological Sciences. Toby Vautier from Bryanston School in Somerset improved his CDD to ABB. Particularly noteworthy is that while Toby retook his Economics taking it from a C to an A he opted to take two new subjects from scratch in one year, English Literature and Film Studies. His parents said: “We are relieved and grateful in equal measure. It has helped his confidence greatly. He is really buzzed about Loughborough which is also positive.”

Another boarding student retake success is Freddie Fone from Tonbridge School who improved his grades from BEE to ABB and now has a place to study Marketing and Management at Newcastle University. Freddie retook his Fine Art A level and again took two new subjects from scratch, Film Studies and Graphic Design.

Chris, Wayne and Adam Dooley

Success! Thank you Rochester Independent College. From the first minute, we and Adam felt that RIC would be a good choice, Adam had his confidence crushed and felt deserted by his previous fee paying school after performing poorly in his A2 exams. The staff at RIC immediately assured Adam and us that he could achieve his goals. Today he passed three completely new A levels that he only started last September. We are both so proud of him and we are really appreciative that the staff were able to advise and support Adam and drive him to work hard to achieve what he wanted to do, he is in a much better place today, due to, not only his efforts but also largely to all his tutors and staff. We all as a family strongly recommend RIC. 

Chris, Wayne and Adam Dooley
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Hallam Dyckhoff

Hallam Dyckhoff joined RIC as a boarding student from King Edward VI Grammar School, Chelmsford (KEGS), one of the top performing state schools in the country. Hallam’s entry grades were CDE in Economics, Philosophy and Maths. After a year at RIC combining retakes with one year courses Hallam’s grades were an impressive AABB in English Literature, Film Studies, Economics and Philosophy. These grades won Hallam a place at Southampton University to study Philosophy.


Retake students often combine topping up key modules and adding new subjects to both impress universities and make their academic gap year more interesting. Isabella de Rosa from the Judd School took AS and A2 Sociology alongside her Chemistry and Biology retakes. She gained three A* grades and a coveted place at London’s Royal Veterinary College, the oldest and largest veterinary school in the UK and one of only seven in the country where students can study to become a vet.

Robert Masters, Headmaster, The Judd School, Tonbridge

I’m delighted to see the results of Judd students retaking A levels at RIC and offer my congratulations to the five students who did so this year. We do recommend RIC to our students who are looking for further support and need to retake A levels.

Robert Masters, Headmaster, The Judd School, Tonbridge
A Level Resit Student

Last year my results were CCB and I only got my insurance offer at uni. I actually went for one week but felt disappointed because I knew I could have done better and my results didn’t reflect my capabilities. My parents spoke to family friends and RIC was mentioned. I left university and had an interview at Rochester where I was reassured and encouraged to aim higher. It has helped to raise my ambition and realise my potential – my previous school told me I would never get into a Russell Group university and I’m now at Exeter.

A Level Resit Student

Where the grade improvements required are modest RIC is able to offer a flexible range of short retake programmes running from January-June or even, in exceptional circumstances, March-June.

Those aiming for places on highly competitive university courses such as Law, English, Physiotherapy, Dentistry and Veterinary Science will find themselves in A level resit and intensive one year A level groups of similarly dedicated students keen to make rapid progress.

Efosa Osaghae
Efosa Osaghae, RIC A level resit boarding student 2012-13, joined from West Hatch School, Essex, Destination: KCL

When I did my A levels first time I know I was lazy. I just did the minimum to stay in school but I didn’t enjoy it so I didn’t put in the effort. When I got my results I knew I needed to retake but I wanted to home study using my notes from school. This was when my parents stepped in as they knew it would not work. I’ve found my retake year good but a lot of work. I think the teaching is really great and I am so much more motivated now. Smaller classes make it more personal and you get a lot of support. The two biggests shifts for me this year are that I now have an offer of AAB for Kings College, London. I went to the open day which was inspiring plus they have a strong film society with connections to industry. Also I have pushed myself to work hard, the significant factor is that my Dad’s paying for it. I want to do the best I can. Boarding is different. I’ve never done it before. I thought it would be really strict but here you get a freedom that prepares you for university.

Efosa Osaghae, RIC A level resit boarding student 2012-13, joined from West Hatch School, Essex, Destination: KCL

Even top institutions like The Royal Veterinary College still consider A level retake students, as demonstrated by the vet science offer former King’s School Canterbury student Amelia Liddell received. As well as retaking A level Chemistry and Spanish at RIC Amelia took AS Sociology from scratch in a term, achieving AAA and continued to broaden her work experience. Writing to RIC Amelia said of her experiences as an A level retake student:

Amelia Liddell
Amelia Liddell

I’ve just finished my first week of vet lectures and I just wanted to thank you for getting me here; I wouldn’t have had a chance without your help. We managed more in that one term than I had done in my whole two years of chemistry and you can definitely take the credit for that. On results day last year we had a big family discussion and we looked at the options for retaking. If you are willing to work hard then the teachers will give you all the help you need. I don’t think anyone goes on a resit course to slack though!

Amelia Liddell
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Guide for students thinking about A level resits

• One Year A level retake courses allow students to be comprehensively retaught. Class sizes average eight. Exam practice is weekly and students are kept on target. Modular A level retake strategies are planned carefully. Individualised help is plentiful.

• Some students on A level retake courses have missed periods of school in the past due to illness. Some have struggled with exam technique or knowing how to study and revise independently. Others have not flourished in previous schools or simply not worked hard enough before! All benefit from supportive personal tutors and university application expertise.

• In order to make an A level retake course as stimulating and productive as possible it is usual for students to add at least one new subject studied intensively to full A level. Students often do better with fresh A levels than they would have done retaking A level subjects that were not right for them in the first place.

• We are able to offer places in our on campus halls of residence to students on A level resit courses. We group such older, university aged students together in boarding. The atmosphere is closer to a university halls of residence than a traditional boarding school. 

Do Russell Group and other top universities accept students who need to retake their A levels?

Universities do recognise the commitment of students who opt to retake their A levels and even the top Russell universities give offers to RIC’s A level resit students every year. Last year A level retake students applying for Law won places at Exeter, Birmingham, Newcastle and Lancaster. 

At Rochester Independent College we start preparing students for their university application early. The level of support and guidance our sixth form students have from their teachers and Personal Tutors when preparing their applications is unusual and perhaps helps explain their success in winning places.

Star Kel
Danni Jennings

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for everything you did to help me achieve A levels that I could never have dreamed of. This time last year, I thought my dreams of ever going to uni had vanished, now I have achieved the impossible and a place on the best drama course in the country! I know I haven’t been the easiest student but I am truly grateful for every inch of help you have offered me. Hopefully seeing how much I have changed over the last year is satisfaction enough. I am 110% more confident in my ability and feel totally ready to embark on the challenging degree ahead, knowing I will take the skills I learnt at Rochester with me. Rochester (and my failure last year) have taught me that if I want something, I can achieve it- if I work for it.

Danni Jennings
Aman Chana
Aman Chana

A level results day last year was horrible. I had an offer from St George’s for Medicine and was two grades off. Instead of just doing A level resits I opted to change direction and do one year courses in Economics and Further Maths. I considered going back to school but wanted to study somewhere fresh to resit my A levels that would boost my chances.  I feel much more confident than last year.

Aman Chana
Rosie Geradine
Rosie Geradine

Smaller classes mean more one to one help on things you specifically need rather than a group problem. The teaching is more friendly and less formal. I’m more comfortable in class and more able to ask questions. Before when I went to talk to a teacher about a problem I felt I was doing something wrong.

Rosie Geradine
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Rosie won her place at Durham University to study Psychology and Aman was similarly successful in meeting her UCL offer for Economics.

Tim Hoffmann
Tim Hoffmann

I come from a background studying an international school in Istanbul. I lived there with my family and completed the Diploma but was very disappointed with my results. RIC was recommended to me by friends whose daughter had had the same experience but came to Rochester, switched to intensive A levels and did really well. It seems to me that the main difference between A levels and IB is that A levels allow me to focus on the subjects I am interested in. Also, it is essential to be well rounded academically to achieve a high score at IB, I’m mainly interested in the sciences so it was harder for me. I’ve had a good boarding experience at RIC, especially considering that this is my first time living away from the family. I can’t go home at weekends but I feel safe and looked after. The food is great too. I play football in a local league and we are currently second in the division! I think that RIC has been a great transition for university. I wish now that I had taken A levels in the first place as I always knew that I wanted to study Bioscience at university. I am now taking fast track A levels in Biology, Chemistry and Maths at RIC and I feel really prepared, I’ve had lots of support. I have a number of offers but am hoping to get AAB to go Bath. When I finish my exams I’ve got four weeks kite surfing planned in Turkey.”

Tim Hoffmann
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Asha Chohan

Resit A level profiles

A level resit student Asha Chohan demonstrated that it sometimes pays to rethink and retake. Asha says: “Last year I didn’t get the grades I had hoped for so I knew I needed to retake.” Asha is now celebrating grades of A*AA and a place to study Optometry at Aston University in Birmingham, the UK’s highest ranked programme in the subject. Asha moved to RIC from a state school in West Bridgford, Nottingham to resit her A levels.

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Will Mounty from Gravesend Grammar followed in his brother’s footsteps and came to Rochester Independent College from to retake his A levels. After candidly acknowledging that his two years of sixth form study had not been characterised by a great deal of hard work Will’s grades rocketed from BCD to AAA in one year, including taking A level English Literature in a year from scratch. He got offers from all the universities he applied to and took up a place at his first choice Lancaster to study Geography. His brother Tom, another RIC A level resit success story is at Royal Holloway studying History.

Emily Martyn
Emily Martyn, joined RIC from Tonbridge Grammar

When I got my A level results I got CDD and knew I had to make a difficult decision. I had an amazing expedition planned – a placement at a big cat sanctuary in Malaysia then travelling round Asia and Africa. I now had to decide whether to take a clearing place at a university that I didn’t really want to go to or retake. I decided to retake and it has been such a brilliant experience. I get so much encouragement that my confidence has improved enormously – even my driving instructor has noticed it! Any worries about not knowing anyone soon disappeared as everyone is in the same boat so we have lots in common.

Emily Martyn, joined RIC from Tonbridge Grammar

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